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FISI 2007

The sixth Fulbright International Summer Institute took place in the historic town of Tryavna on August 13-25, 2007. This year, FISI attracted 45 participants from the U.S., Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Armenia, Croatia, Russia and Azerbaijan.

The participants were offered ten courses in a wide variety of areas: "Negotiation and Conflict Resolution", "Saving, Investing, and Financial Planning", "Starting a Small Business", "An Investigation of Society and Culture as Management Processes", "Teamwork and Teambuilding", "Intercultural Competence for Students in Global Times", "Communication Management and Managing Change", "American Foreign Policy and the International System in the Age of Globalization", "Globalization: Its Impact on Today"s Students", and "Introduction to Bulgarian Culture".

The new group of Fulbright grantees from the U.S. also attended the summer program and studied different aspects of Bulgarian history, politics, economy, tourism, social issues, folklore, literature and the arts.

All courses were taught in English by distinguished American and Bulgarian professors, most of whom were Fulbright grantees and alumni. The lecturers represented prestigious universities and institutions from the U.S. and Bulgaria: Harvard University, the University of Michigan, Cleveland State University, Indiana University, Florida Atlantic University, University of Dayton, Sofia University, University of National and World Economy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, New Bulgarian University, National Academy of Arts, Media Development Center, etc.

FISI 2007 also offered an exciting cultural program which demonstrated the achievements of Bulgarian culture and the magic of Bulgarian nature. The highlight of the first weekend was a one-day trip to Sokolski Monastery, the open-air ethnographic museum Etara and the architectural reserve Bozhentsi. During the second FISI weekend the participants visited the historic town of Veliko Turnovo.

The educational background of 2007 FISI participants varied from natural sciences and medicine through law, business and economics, to Chinese and Turkish studies. This unique mixture, along with the very positive atmosphere, created a stimulating environment for exchange of knowledge, productive discussions on important and interesting issues, and, of course, a great deal of fun. After the end of the Institute, the participants created their own web-based group in www.facebook.com and organized numerous alumni activities to keep the FISI spirit alive.


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